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At Cool Comfort we are proud to offer Los Angeles, CA homeowners efficient options when it comes to AC systems. One of those options is the ductless mini split AC system. With numerous benefits and a high-efficiency rating, these units are gaining popularity with homeowners.


P.S. Ductless units are great for saving you money on energy bills! Pair it with our AC and Furnace filter service to keep the units operational!

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How Do Ductless Mini Split AC Systems Work?

Ductless AC systems work without the need for ductwork throughout the home. One, large condenser unit outside is attached to multiple, smaller air handlers mounted on the walls inside your home. Most homeowners barely notice them. The smaller air handlers eliminate the need for ducts by having refrigerant from the condenser pumped directly into them through copper wires inside your walls, allowing you to control the temperature in each room in your home.

What Are the Benefits of Going Ductless?

With the rising cost of energy, homeowners are looking for more efficient ways to heat or cool their homes. Some of the benefits of these units include:

  • It’s estimated that 30% of cooling energy is lost within the ductwork. By eliminating the need for ducts, you are getting the unit’s full potential, resulting in saved money on energy bills. These units are also more efficient in general, requiring less energy to work, saving you even more.
  • The multiple air handlers located throughout your home means that you can control the temperature in each room. You will be able to focus cooling power on high-traffic areas of your home while lesser-used areas can take less power to cool.
  • One feature that many homeowners love about the ductless mini split system is the fact that they are controlled by a simple remote. Controlling the climate in your home has never been easier!

The Cool Comfort Difference

As one of the largest components in your system, the air handler requires specific care and maintenance. 

At Cool Comfort, we work with homeowners to provide professional solutions to ensure their unit is working efficiently.

Even if you’ve called 10 contractors before us, we’ll be the last. Our highly qualified and educated techs will be sure to properly diagnose, identify, repair all your heating needs. 

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Cool Comfort always works with integrity and honesty. In addition to superior service, we make the following promises with each and every call:

By following these fundamental principles and collaborating with community organizations, we can guarantee that our customers will be left happy every time they call us.

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