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Los Angeles AC and Furnace Filter Replacements


Are your allergies acting up? Noticing that your air conditioner is straining to work properly? You may need a professional AC or furnace filter replacement. Call the experts at Cool Comfort to replace your air filter today!


P.S. Is your air handler in need of repair? Reach out to our technicians for personalized solutions that won’t break the bank right away!

Here for Your Emergency AC Repairs

A malfunctioning air conditioning unit in hot weather is considered an AC emergency for several reasons. The most obvious reason is that it can cause serious discomfort and even put your safety at risk during extremely hot temperatures. When your AC doesn’t work properly, the issue could be caused by an electrical malfunction, which could start a fire.

We provide quality, 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair when your AC isn’t working as it should. When your AC issue has turned into an emergency, we make it our top priority. Emergencies don’t always happen between the hours of 8-5, so we have the professionals and tools to get the job done right, day or night.

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Why Is Regular Filter Replacement Important?

Your AC and furnace require a completely clean environment to operate efficiently. Dirt, debris, pollen, and other pathogens in the air can contaminate the system and cause certain components to freeze or malfunction. In addition to a clean environment, your units also require a constant supply of fresh air flowing through them in order to work.

The air filter has multiple jobs; it protects the inner subcomponents from getting dirty while also allowing a stream of clean air to flow freely through the system. If your filter is clogged or dirty, your unit can become dirty inside and malfunction while other components strain to work harder due to a lack of airflow.

In addition to the mechanical importance of the filter, other environmental aspects come into play. Allergy symptoms are reduced with a clean filter, and the chances of developing an airborne illness are reduced because small particles are captured in the filter before they make their way to the inside of your home.

How Often Should I Replace It?

We recommend changing your filter at least twice per year; once in the fall and once in the spring. This ensures that it remains clean and efficient. For homeowners who live with pets, smokers, or allergy sufferers, we recommend cleaning or replacing the filter more often. Some homeowners choose to change it as often as every 60 days. Essentially, the cleaner the filter, the more efficient your system will work and the easier it will be for your family to breathe fresh air.

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Improve allergy symptoms and increase the efficiency of your AC and furnace units by investing in regular filter changes. Call us today and get a quote for expert AC and furnace filter replacements in Los Angeles, Ca.

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